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This is Great: The Xbox Live Police

PS3 also needs something like this… good read. 


For the civil, Xbox Live can be a wondrous place. Chatting with friends, gaming with loved ones over vast distances, the crossing of cultural and national borders, it’s just great. Indeed, it’s probably the strongest weapon in Microsoft’s console wars arsenal. Thing is, a lot of people on Xbox Live aren’t civil. They’re Asshats. And I’ll have you note that’s with a capital “A”. Bigotry, unfair play and general, well, asshattery amongst a lot of users mean that for every pleasant experience on Xbox Live you may well end up having one that’s thoroughly unpleasant. Maybe even offensive.

Which is where Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse (pictured, above) and his Xbox Live Police step in. Employed to fight injustice wherever it is found, serve the law and protect the public trust, Toulouse and his team are responsible for policing Xbox Live and enforcing its code of conduct policies across the globe. In other words, when you complain about someone over Xbox Live, the complaint goes to them. And if you get banned from Xbox Live, they’re the ones who banned you.

Working mostly out of Microsoft’s Redmond HQ (though some members are spread across the globe), the Xbox Live Policy Team and Toulouse, the team’s Lead Program Manager are the guys responsible for – as their name suggests – overseeing the policing of Xbox Live so that, as Toulouse puts it, “members have a positive experience while using the service”. They work “365 days a year”, and even “process complaints even on holidays”. Which they must. Because crime never sleeps.

Stepto’s quick to stress that the majority of players have nothing but great experiences on Xbox Live. But Microsoft will also be the first to admit that, as their company stance on offensive XBL users states, when it comes to communication over the internet “unfortunately some of it can be negative”. Those engaging in negative communications are the ones that come to the attention of the Policy Team, who have a variety of methods for both catching and dealing with anyone violating the service’s guidelines… full story

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