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Socom.com now up!

SOCOM.com Now Ready For Confrontation+ Posted by Seth Luisi // Director of Development, SCEA

Green up, it’s time to go.

I’m happy to announce that SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation will be hitting store shelves and the PLAYSTATION Store on September 16th, 2008. You’ll be able to download it from your couch or pick up a copy at your favorite brick-and-mortar and get to business.

As we approach the release of SOCOM: Confrontation on the PS3 this September, we are very excited to announce the all new SOCOM community site: www.SOCOM.com.
We’ve been working for some time to grow and expand our support for the SOCOM community. The initial phase of SOCOM.com (Phase 1) will launch with the official Blog and Message Boards dedicated to the world of SOCOM. The Blog will be the place to go for the latest updates on everything SOCOM related; including screenshots, video, behind-the-scenes blogs and more. It will also give us a method to directly communicate with the SOCOM community. You can sound off in either the comments section for each post or in the message boards. We have agents gathering intel and dev team members will respond when they can.

When SOCOM Confrontation is released, we are planning to deploy Phase 2 of SOCOM.com: a whole new website which will integrate your SOCOM Confrontation experience onto the web. We’ll have more information on Phase 2 as we get closer to release.

Unfortunately, my hands are currently tied and we cannot provide any new screens or video due to a certain exclusive which is about to hit. Rest assured, we are going to bombard you with new media soon enough.

P.S. We are looking for a select few to provide early feedback on SOCOM: Confrontation in an upcoming Private Beta test. Only the top contributors at the Official SOCOM Blog will be selected. We are on the look out for people who have intense knowledge of all the previous SOCOM games and can also demonstrate their leadership in the Message Boards and Comments section. More details soon.


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