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‘Battlefield: Bad Company’ Boycott

Battlefield: Bad Company is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360, but carries with it a somewhat troubling DLC plan. EA and DICE are making certain weapons available for purchase.

Five weapons will be available free through pre-launch promotions (and after the game releases), but another five will only be available through the “Gold Version” or paid DLC.

SarcasticGamer is calling for a boycott of the game and is trying to start a campaign to put a stop to DLC like this.

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One Response to “‘Battlefield: Bad Company’ Boycott”

  1. I think how they have done the DLC is great… As long as you buy the game brand new you get a VIP code and DLC is free forever, its a part of EA’s project ten dollar… Plus the game is god like… it makes MW2 look like duke nukem 3D

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