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‘GT5’ A Year Away, $100 For “Full” Game? WTC TanZong!

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is set to release in the US on April 15 and will run you $40. It should serve as a holdover, but it was revealed that the final, full version of GT5 is still over a year away.

Now, Prologue is better than nothing, but that means we’ll end up shelling out $100 for the entire GT5 experience.

TechConsumer notes that this could unfortunately lead to a trend of developers releasing partial versions of their games while they work to finish it up.

One Response to “‘GT5’ A Year Away, $100 For “Full” Game? WTC TanZong!”

  1. The thing is, GT has done prolgues before. It’s just these dumbasses that don’t realize it, and are reporting like it is something new. The previous GT prologue editions didn’t come out in the good US-of-A though. GT5P has more content than other “full games”. 70 some odd cars, 6 (i believe tracks), and online play!?!? Give me a break people. This is practically a full game. Either way, I’ll be picking up GT5P when it comes out, and I will pick up GT5 when it comes out. Am I a sucker for doing this?? I think not.

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