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Slant Six working hard

Hopefully your May issues of EGM are starting to arrive, and you are getting a big dose of info about Confrontation as well as a look at two of the maps. There has been huge forum response to the magazine’s impending release, so I’m sure that the real thing will cause a flury of posting.

The entire team is implementing features, fixing bugs, tweaking art, tuning values and testing the game.  With apologies for the camera quality on my cellphone , here is a peek into the development effort at this exact moment in time…

Tuning audio systems:

Tuning character control values:

Deep in the code:

Tweaking the art:


More playtesting:

{DaT gUy}

And that’s what we are doing, day in and day out. Watch this space for updates on features and some anwers (or fuel) for the debate around what’s the same, what’s improved and what’s new in Confrontation.

David Seymour

Design Director at Slant Six Games 

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