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Home coming “very soon”

Good news for those just dying for a shot at virtual lounging around and furniture collection: The PSN’s senior director, Susan Panico, has told the Official PlayStation mag that Sony will be “opening up the Home beta to the public very soon”. Up til now Home’s only been accessible to a select few early beta testers, so this is welcome news for the rest of us plebs, especially in the wake of Warhawk’s freshly-added Home content. Before you ask, yes, that’s pretty much all she said. No further details – such as a timeframe or whether this means North America and Europe – were revealed.

3 Responses to “Home coming “very soon””

  1. my pad will be rockin yo! OR… maybe i’ll just keep the doors closed and have lots of e-redbull.

  2. I hope its all they have built the crappy game/social network to be…

  3. It will either be REALLY popular or just popular in the beginning and be deserted 5 months later. Time will tell.

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