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Camping: During Wars

So what’s your take on camping during a war?  Is it tactics? some would agree and some just get annoyed.  F&B mostly likes to go out there and pwn without much camping but I do agree that sometimes “camping” is needed in order to draw the other team in. 

Games with respawn mode don’t have the element of “I’m the last one alive” excitement, that’s why so many of us have really enjoyed playing socom. 

Now with our second COD4 tournament, the mode that we have setup has worked very well to achive this feel.  For those who aren’t in the tournament try playing COD4 with these modes:

– Sabotage
– Time Limit: 5 mins
– Score Limit: 4
– Number of Lives: 1 Life

Everything else set to it’s default mode (or tweak it even more) So far this has that socomfeel.  A.S.S. “Almost Socom Series” is going great so far, and I’m sure more teams will have to deal with camping during war, you just have to adapt to every team that you play.

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