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Name Banned

A few days ago our clan member HeywoodJablome had his account banned on the PS3… now we get this??? What’s the deal with the name bans? Just last night on COD4 we encountered a few names that fit in this “ban” 

Xbox Live “Gay” Crackdown MIGHT Be Getting A Little Out Of Hand
IPB Image

Last week, Microsoft banned a user from Xbox Live for having the gamertag theGAYERgamer. Things did not end well. Now, tonight, we get an email from another Xbox Live user whose gamertag has been barred because it violates XBL policies (remember, you can’t have a sexual term in your name, regardless of sexual orientation). The incriminating gamertag? RichardGaywood. The problem here? It’s the gamertag of a Mr. Richard Gaywood, a now-disgruntled 360 owner from the UK (and yes, we’ve confirmed this is his real name). Oops.


IPB Image

One Response to “Name Banned”

  1. His name IS Richard Gaywood, and his gamertag is RichardGaywood. Couldn’t he fight this one, legally? I think he could fight it, if it is worth it to him.

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