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Socom: Facial Features

I talked about headgear and camo previously, and kind of skipped over facial features.

The facial features are one of those things that are more for you than they are for your enemy. You can’t really see them from far away like you can headgear or camo, but they’re still a vital part of building your own online identity.

These options vary from face paint, with options of streaks to full blown covering, to facial scars. That’s right- if you ever wanted to make the grizzled combat vet with a mean scar over his face, you can do it.

As usual, it’s the little things that make a game. Facial scars aren’t really a big deal in the scheme of things, but being able to pick them out and make a character truly yours is a big boon.

I’m probably going to go with face paint, myself. Maybe a few streaks to break it up a little. What say you? Scars, streaks, full face paint? Plain?

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