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Archive for February 2009

The sham wow dub

February 27, 2009

This youtube user JaboOodyDubs has lots of hilarious dubs of infomercials, he’s funny. Check them if you haven’t already.

Identifying Yourself As A Lesbian Gets You Banned On XBOX Live

February 26, 2009

The Comsumerist writes: Teresa says that she was harassed by other players and later suspended from XBOX Live because she identified herself as a lesbian in her profile. When she appealed to Microsoft, she says they told her that other gamers found her sexual orientation “offensive.” Teresa says: I just recently saw a thing on […]

PSN celebrates 20 million members

February 25, 2009

Champagne and high fives all round at SCEI today as the PlayStation Network (natural enemy of Xbox Live) has reached a total of 20 million registered accounts 2 years and 3 months into the service’s life. In fact, half of those signed up in the last 5 months – showing that the growth of the […]

Why the Music Industry Hates Guitar Hero

February 25, 2009

Nobody expected the number-one-with-a-bullet rise of the music videogame—least of all the music industry. Armed with little more than crappy graphics, plastic guitars, and epic hooks, play-along titles like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have become an industry in their own right, raking in more than $2.3 billion over the past three years. Album sales […]

F&B Socom Nights

February 25, 2009

Giant snake screen

February 16, 2009

Lights of the dormitory of the Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland) were changed by students into one big screen, showing the video game Snake.

The Juliet Tour

February 12, 2009

Two teams left… Team 2 vs Team 3. Time to wait again!