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PSN celebrates 20 million members

Champagne and high fives all round at SCEI today as the PlayStation Network (natural enemy of Xbox Live) has reached a total of 20 million registered accounts 2 years and 3 months into the service’s life. In fact, half of those signed up in the last 5 months – showing that the growth of the service has accelerated. This announcement puts the service ahead of Xbox Live – which Microsoft announced had 17 million members in January of this year (though undoubtedly that number will have pushed up a little since then so the number is probably far closer than it may first appear).

Neither of those figures takes into account the number of regular users. While anybody can set up a PSN account for nothing and never touch it again – the cost of an Xbox Live Gold membership is likely to encourage more regular use. However, given that the Xbox had a head start, this is still good news for Sony.

Other interesting statistics released by the console manufacturer today include the news that there are a total of 14,500 different items of digital content. [ TVGB ]

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