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New Pro Members

March 18, 2011

SOCOM 4 Gamescom 2010 Demo Video Walkthrough

August 27, 2010

Great video from Zipper Inc. http://www.socom.com/en-us/Blog/Post?id=350 ” It’s a proud week for us here at Zipper Interactive as tomorrow marks the 8th birthday of our first-ever PS2 game and the title that started a huge multimillion-selling franchise, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. To celebrate the eight-year mark, we’ve put together a special video for our fans. […]

Just smile a little.

November 16, 2008

Activision Denies Infinity Ward CoD Exclusivity

April 22, 2008

What a wonderful world it would be if Infinity Ward became the sole developer of the Call of Duty franchise, as rumors earlier today seemed to indicate, but it’s one wonderful world that we won’t be seeing anytime soon. Speaking to Eurogamer, Activision has vehemently denied the rumors. A spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer […]

A.S.S. Update

April 18, 2008

We had a few battles this weekend… here are the results: April 13, 2008 – X-Ray vs. Rainbow: X-Ray victorious – NR2 vs. Sponge: NR2 victorious – Gnomes vs. BBQ Beef:  BBQ Beef victorious April 14, 2008 My Three Zekes vs. Wackers:  My Three Zekes victorious April 15, 2008 X-Ray vs. Semi-Pro: X-Ray takes the […]

This is What a Wrecked $1.2 Billion B-2 Bomber Looks Like

April 10, 2008

Remember when we told you about the B-2 Stealth Bomber that crashed in Guam, turning 1.2 billion dollars of plane into a fiery wreck? Well, now we have pictures of it, and it ain’t pretty. Feast your eyes on one of the most expensive accidents ever and be thankful it wasn’t you who had to […]

iPhone <3 PS3

April 10, 2008

A NetBlender SDK will soon allow Apple’s iPhone to communicate with the PlayStation 3 console, CTO Denny Breitenfeld reveals to Gizmodo today. The new connectivity will see the the iPhone acting as a PS3 remote control, and will also introduce new touch features that might be integrated into PS3 movies (via Blu-ray), games and applications. […]

Recession Killing Your Gadget Budget?

April 8, 2008

The economy sucks. Even if the government is still afraid of the “r word,” real people know we’re living in recession land. That means cutting back: Wal-Mart is even launching quasi-permanent recession sales. Usually, the first stuff to go is whatever doesn’t go in our mouth or keep us dry—like gadgets. So here’s the Q: […]

72% of Americans Game

April 3, 2008

Videogames do finally seem to inching their way into the mainstream media. At least that’s the implication of an NPD Group Report that found that 72% of Americans played videogames of one form or another during 2007, up from 64% in 2006.  {more}

SIXAXIS Discontinued

April 2, 2008

 We all pretty much figured that the SIXAXIS was on its last legs now that the DualShock 3 is hitting shelves. And today a Sony rep has confirmed with MTV that this is indeed the case. The SIXAXIS is not more. Sixaxis will no longer be offered after it’s completely sold through at retail (likely […]