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A List of Demands for Grand Theft Auto

May 11, 2008

Not even two weeks since its release and the ingrates at Kombo.com already have eight things they want to see in Grand Theft Auto from now on. Everyone has an ultimate GTA experience list, and I’m betting that GTA IV represents someone’s wishful thinking from the Vice City days (the controls represent mine). But some […]

xbox360: Variety Pack Maps Now Integrated Into Playlists

April 10, 2008

Heads up, that the new DLC maps from the Variety Map Pack are now integrated throughout the other playlists, in addition we’ve removed the Variety Map Pack exclusive playlists and heavily seeded the new maps in exisiting ones. Which means you have a higher chance of playing new maps in exisiting playlists. With that change, […]

Rumor: Xbox 360 version of Wiimote may be here this year

April 9, 2008

It was only a matter of time before Microsoft got in on the whole motion sensing game. After all, both Sony and Nintendo’s systems have motion sensing controllers and it kind of makes Microsoft look a little out of date. So, a fresh rumor about a 360 motion sensing controller is something entirely expected, right? […]

Xbox Blu-ray 360

April 2, 2008

Yesterday, DigiTimes reported that the Xbox 360 would be getting a Blu-ray drive. Today, they aren’t backing down from the rumor reporting more intel from “industry sources.” The sources told DigiTimes that Xbox 360 Blu-ray drives manufactured by Lite-On would cost Microsoft $95-$100 a pop—a significant margin higher that their current DVD drives that run […]

Consoles Dead in Five Years?

March 30, 2008

 Sandy Duncan, the man who set up shop for Xbox in Europe, says that consoles as we know them will be dead in five to ten years.The way Duncan sees it, the business model for game hardware is simply too risky and high-cost to last much longer, especially given the rapid development of technologies such […]